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Unblocking the Non Viewable Websites | How Proxy Server Helps

Free proxy server is a proxy server acting as intermediary between the main server and the user. Internet access is lot more controlled and restricted these days and the need to find ways to unblock the non viewable sites is something that everybody wants to do. Proxy servers are available free of cost on the internet which can be downloaded costing nothing to the user. Proxy server is a way to mask the real I.P. address which is readable by a specified server and is branded as restricted I.P. address. Internet filtering, which is the main job of web proxies, allows the administrators to choose the preferred type of users to visit certain websites.


How Proxy Server can unblock the Website: Various websites on the internet are rendered non-viewable by the general servers. Hence, there is a need to device a way to befool the specified server. Proxy server creates an unidentified environment in front of specified server and since the real user is not in the picture, it grants access to the proxy server which works on your behalf to fulfil the specific request. This is how unblocking the non-viewable websites takes place.

Use Hidden I.P. Software: There are numerous free web proxies that can hide the I.P address which is blocked by servers to deny the access to them to certain web sites. Proxy servers can be run on hidden I.P. software that presents your I.P. address as different identity and hence the access to your I.P. is a granted.

Anonymizer:  Free proxy servers are also known as anonymizers as they mask the identity of the person trying to access the website. Hence, working as a link between the specified server and the user, proxy server maintains the anonymity of the person accessing the server. Instead of connecting to the specified server directly, the user accesses the internet through the free proxy server interface.  This quality helps the user to protect the identity from getting exposed to hackers and spammers.

Rule- breaker: Certain environments like that of schools, colleges, institutes and offices prefer the members, employees or students to access only information related sites. Free proxy servers help the user to break the norm. By avoiding the firewalls created by authorities to control the internet access, free proxy servers are utilized to get access to sites blocked on such filtered servers.

Examples of the best Web Proxies: iphides.me, urlhides.me are some of the free web proxies available. Certain sites also designed to inform the user about where proxies that can be availed for access without restrictions. Proxy sites, Proxies, Proxy Websites and many more are some examples of sites that inform the user about existing web proxies.