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Web proxies or the intermediary servers are a buffer between the web world and the system. When the user accesses any website, it may contain some readers that capture your I.P address or email ID which can be misused later for spamming purposes. Use of web proxies while accessing the internet thus acts as a shield between you and the spammers. This shield helps you to protect the system from identity theft or invasion of hacker. Besides serving the purpose of security, a wide range of functions are performed by proxy servers that make internet accessing a safe and fun experience:
Caching: You have no idea what wonders the caching does to your browsing experience. Suppose you login to any of your favorite site on any popular browser. It is supposed to take hardly 15 seconds. Once the web proxy is used, this access time is miraculously reduced to as low as 5 seconds providing lightening fast access to the web page. All this happens because of the caching activity performed by the proxy server. When you access the website using proxy server, it searched first in the cache and accessing the content from the cache is far faster than from the main server.
Filtering: This feature is most used by colleges, schools and offices where the internet access is made available to the members in a monitored, controlled and supervised manner. There are a lot of usage policies that are applicable in these public environments. Internet is supposed to be used there as an informative tool and not a matter of fun. Hence, filtering the access as per the norms is made possible with the use of web proxies. Ironically, proxy servers can be used by the other side of management too. Those employees or students who want to get out of the sight of filtering proxies may use some proxy server to access the restricted sites. Hence, filtering is a common function between the two parties, the only difference being the motive of filtering.
Eavesdropping: This is nothing but intercepting the data transferred between the two users. Data may be the shared file or passwords or cached content which passes through the proxy server. Therefore, most of the proxy addresses are banned on the sites as a means to deny access to the proxy user.
Access control: Some proxy servers are designed in such a way that they can be accessed only with the help of passwords. This practice of making the proxy servers password –protected is followed to register the number of the usage of individuals. This is mostly followed in organizations to check whether employees are complying to the internet access policies or not.
Anti-sniffing: Once we are accessing the web, we are exposed to the world full of hackers, spammers and intruders. Use of anonymous free proxy server may prevent your surfing from the malicious sniffing of the web masters who are just waiting to crack through some loopholes to get the access to vulnerable I.P. addresses.
This information should necessarily be absorbed that doing something secretly does not mean complete hiding. In fact, more exposure is awaited at the other side of the server. This exposure can be masked with the help of free proxy servers.